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need to know what you call this...

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what is it called when less triangles are drawn as distance increases from the eye/camera in a terrain engine... im researching some techniques for this so i can implement it into my engine i believe its called lod or clod, but when i read some information about clod, it wasn''t exactley what im talking about... i need to draw less triangles as distance increases for optimizing performance thanks

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I believe what you are looking for is called level of detail or lod as you said. This is what controls the detail of an object as it gets farther and farther away in the distance.

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LOD = Level Of Detail
CLOD = Continuous Level Od Detail

CLOD will reduce the face count depending on the distance. The subdivision is determined by a quadtree. The only bad thing is that it subdivides parts of the terrain that doesn''t need to be, like flat ground.

Here''s some other things you could try:

ROAM might be what you''re after. I heard it''s not very hardware friendly though?


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