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How does windows determine when to call up a tooltip?

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How can windows tell that you''ve been hovering above an icon long enough to call the tooltip? Is there something similar to a mouseOver() windows function? //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The great logician Bertrand Russell once claimed that he could prove anything if given that 1+1=1. So one day, some fool asked him, "Ok. Prove that you''re the Pope." He thought for a while and proclaimed, "I am one. The Pope is one. Therefore, the Pope and I are one."

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Don''t know how Windows does it, but here is a way of simulating the behavior (I''ve done as much in my game toolkit):

1) Have some means of knowing how the screen is divided up (that is, what ''zones'' or rectangles are being shown). For example, if you have your own control objects, you could keep a list of their bounding boxes.

2) Intercept the mouse move event (WM_MOUSEMOVE). Check to see if the mouse is in one of your ''zones''.

3) When the mouse moves into a zone, start a timer. When the timer goes off, a tooltip can be shown.

4) When a mouse moves out of a zone, stop the timer, if there is one.

5) Make sure to keep track if a tooltip is being shown. Then, in the mouse move handler, turn off any tooltip currently being shown.

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