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What should the architecture look like?

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I''m a beginner..that''s why I use this forum. I scouted the articles on this site, but nothing conclusive. So plz point me to a good article, or e-book, so I can read how to do it. Here comes my boggle(problem): I am going to write a simple game. I am going to use DirectX 9, VS.NET 2003 and C#, or C++. I have not decided yet, for I have extensive experience in C++, but no commitment to the language. I do enjoy overloading operators, virtual and abstract, but I am going to find out how this is in C#. I am going to make a sokoban clone! My question is this. In my message pump I call doFrame, which will draw the screen. What kind of design would you suggest for the rendering. I think I will do the following: - Make a virtual Drawable class, or interface, so that each derived class has a render function. - Put them all in a list, and call every relevant renderfunctino-object, so that it is rendered. Are there better architectures? What kind of list, or collection should I use? Should I make different lists, for different types of objects? The next "problem" I have, is I do not know how I will store my data! We are talking content management here! Where should I put strings, and help texts, put them all in a file? what kind of file? How should I serialize a level. Make a database? Make a new file for each level? Use XML? Stay away from databases? Hope you will point me to some usefull information, Vincent

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One suggestion would be to organize the object list as a hierarchy. Each level of the hierarchy would have its own transformation matrix. Then, you could have groups of objects that could be moved/rotated/etc without having to change the vertices of all the objects in the group. Also, making these groups visible/invisible is easy.

This works well for UI components, like dialogs, that lend themselves well to a hierarchical organization.

Good luck.

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