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DX9, How to make some RGB transparent in a textured plain?

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Offtopic: Well I don''t know dx9... I hardly know opengl, I just wanted to congratulate you for an excellent topic.

However, the body wasn''t as describing as you might want it to be, try explain a bit more what you want to achieve.

I''ll hope somebody can help you out :-)

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Hmmm... I just thought it was pretty clearly said ''cause this really isnt a big thing. But ok, lets try to explain more.

I''m making a 2d game in D3D using textured plains. So I''ll need to texture one pl,ain with the picture of my main character which has a black background. Offcourse it would look pretty stupid if the black background would be visible in the game. I''ll need to make the black parts of the textured plain FULLY transparent or invisible (it can be said either way). I know this is possible... :D Anyone?


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I think what you are refering to is the colorkey...

Set the color you want to become transparent in the colorkey field on your normal D3DXCreateTextureFrom*****Ex()

Check out the functions in the docs for more info...

// TODO: Insert clever comment here.

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