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lesson 35 - Playing AVI Files In OpenGL Question

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Hi All I''ve reasontly been playing around with lesson 35 called "Playing AVI Files In OpenGL" First of good work Jeff Molofee Just one question though during playback of several avi''s i''ve noticed the image is very "blocky" and doesn''t appear at the same quality as you would see in a standard viewer. has anyone managed increase the playback quality or any suggestions how to ? or perhaps another cool open sourced openGL video player Cheers.

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I also wanted to playback AVIs without them having to be re-scaled, reducing image quality, so the way I did it was...

Say you wanna playback a 640x480 sized anim, create a 1024x512 texture, copy an AVI frame to that texture, then apply that texture, with appropriate texture coordinates (To cut off unused pixels in texture) to a quad in orthographic projection.

It''s probably not the fastest ways of doing it
But it works!

I must say special thanks to NeHe for his AVI tut aswell!

AVI playback/record source...


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