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vector of children of pure virtual class

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Hey guys, I''ve got a class called "Player"; it''s a pure virtual base class. It''s definition is something like: class Owner { public: virtual int takeTurn() = 0; } Then I have two classes which inherit from it, which are called "PlayerHuman" and "PlayerAi" respectively. I want to have a vector which consists of instances of PlayerHuman and PlayerAi (and any other classes I wish to derive from Player). I tried to make a vector of Player''s, but it wont allow me, saying that I''m trying to instantiate the pure virtual Player class. How do I get around this? I''m not _actually_ trying to instanciate the Player class. I''m not using any instances of the Player class in the vector, just instances of its children.

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I''m guessing youre trying to do something like this?

vector<Owner*> players;
players.push_back(new PlayerHuman(...));
players.push_back(new PlayerAI(...));
for(int i=0;i<players.size();i++)

Or did I get it wrong?

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