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Coordinate Flipping... Effect on TexCoords?

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Hey all, I have a question concerning displaying my world geometry. If I have X number of triangles w/ (x,y,z) coordinates and textures coordinates (u,v), if I switch the coordinates like so: (x, z, y), so pretty much y = z and z = y, for every coordinate, the texture coordinates then don't work anymore, naturally. What can I do to my texture coordinates to make them remain correct for these faces with the coordinate switch? The reason I ask is I'm trying to use the geometry from Stan Melax's BSP example for my engine b/c I suck at 3d modelling, so for developing the engine I'm just using his file format, but all his world geometry is aligned normal to the x-y plane rather than x-z, so I'm just switching the y and z coordinates to set it upright. I've tried rotating the geometry, but its SO much easier to just flip those when I'm loading the file. Since this is a theory question, I don't think specifics are too essential, but heres my setup if it helps: DirectXGraphics9, UVN Camera, vertex format (x,y,z,normal,diffuse,tU,tV). The geometry renders fine, flipped or not, and the textures look correct without the flip, but not with it. EDIT: Umm, the solution smacked me in the face right after I posted, when I flipped the coordinate indexes for the triangles, (so the normals would still point inward after i did the y=z) I wasn't flipping the tex coords for each point along with them, DOH! Sorry for wasting space in the forums hehe Thanks a lot, rj [edited by - rjwr10 on November 8, 2003 12:36:14 PM]

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