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Book suggestions?

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the above is for use with visual c++ ofcourse.

and for a nuts-and-bolts window book check out

Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows by Jeffrey Richter

It deals with different kinds of dll''s, threads, window messages, error handling and memmory managedment and other windows specific.

Support book writers! Don''t download your books from the net!


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There are few to none. Best you can do is an MFC manual. Always have a copy of Petzold around because you MUST know the API decently well to use it (even in C++).

There is one called Win32++, but it is so out of date. Using Win32 with C++ basically boils down to writing your own wrapper classes.

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Win32 IS C ... not C++ ... so what is their to say ...

The best book I remember over the Win32 API basics was "Windows 98 Programming From the Ground Up" by Herbert Schildt ... cause it started right at the begining by showing the code to a basic C/C++ windows skeleton and then explaining it ...

Microsoft wrote Win32 API in C,
MFC was for C++ users,
then COM was built around C++ concepts,
and ATL and WTL made life much easier ...

now the create .Net, which is even better, but unfortunately not built around concepts ideal for C++.

I highly recommend you understand the basic C part of the core Win32 API first ... then use either some wrapper classes, or learn some, or learn .Net and use managed and unmanaged code (managed .Net for the Windows front end usually, unmanaged for the game engine).

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