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2d tiles under 3d objects

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I am trying to do a 3rd person type view, where the ground will be made of 2d tiles, and it will be scattered with 3d objects such as trees, and players.... I am not quite sure how to do this, sorry if it is such a newbie question. Could anyone guide me to any tutorials or start me off in the right direction? Thanks.

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do you actually mean 2d tiles(vertices) or 2d images

i can see no reason to use 2d tiles with 3d objects ontop, unless of course its a one screen thing.

i kno where you are coming from, just getting into directx from crappy win api graphic games that are way to slow.

3d vertices are the same as 2d except you have a z value.

And with that you can just use the view matrix to watch everything instead of having to move the tiles by yourself!

use 3d it is way way easier than you think

oh and about the tutorials, u probably dont want to, but look at the dx sdk under samples\tutorials

they arnt great but are what got me started so....

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If I'm not mistaken, what he wants is to have all of his objects three dimensional but have his floor in kind of a tile-type style. I'm not 100% sure why you'd want a tiled floor, but it'd just be a matter of loading vertices into a VB and rendering several strips, or an indexed list of triangles. If you just want the texture to tile, just reassign the texture coords to (0, 0), (15, 0), (0, 15), and (15, 15) [or however many times you want it to repeat instead of 15]. The only practical reason I can think of this would be for a height-mapped terrain, because this is similar to what I do in that situation, but other than that, I would use the appropriate of these methods, even though I don't truly see why.

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