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Phil Price

Making resource files (C#)

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Hi there, Is there any tutorials or tips anyone has on making resource files? I basically want to make all my textures used into one file (e.g. one for particles, one for background, one for player sprites etc) and pull the data out based on an index. I''ve got the feeling that this ability is in C# someplace but cant really find anything after googling. Phil Price™: Better than cool - uber cool.

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You can just embed any file directly into the exe or dll. On the command line you can use the /resource switch:

csc /resource:texture.gif Game.cs

In VS.NET you can accomplish the same by adding the file to your project, then choosing "Embedded Resource" as the Build Action in the properties window. Note that VS.NET will always prepend the default namespace to the resource name. If you are in doubt what the actual name of the resource is, use ildasm or a similar tool to inspect the assembly.

In the code you can then extract the resource through a Stream:

Stream resourceStream = this.GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream( "texture.gif" );
Image texture = Image.FromStream( resourceStream );

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