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AI in Game Engine Design

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Hello everyone. I have an idea / question that I need to resolve. I, like many, am currently working on my own game engine. So far I have been working on the structure of it, and have done some coding (enough to get a tile map on the screen and move around). I have been discouraged lately though due to memory problems which have been plaguing me for sometime, so I am now stepping back to the design phase again, and thinking about how I could make this better. Please bare with me here, as I have just come up with this idea only 10 minutes ago, so it''s not fully developed yet in my own mind. I want to create an Intelligent Game Engine. I''m thinking about something a little smarter then what''s out there now... but I''m still not completely sure of what this is just yet. My current design is based on modules of code. Each module is a separate entity that manages one aspect of my engine, ie video, sound, input, etc. I want to group all these together with a system that can control, and manage them all based on the properties of a system, and resources available. I''m sure I''m probably not sounding very clear right now, but I hope someone can understand what I am thinking.... lol. Basically, I guess I am looking for people to share ideas about AI in game engines, what can it do, how can it be used to make these engines better, and smarter... please share your ideas.. and as I figure this out I will post more... Thank you, Michael Rhodes Tiger Studios Entertainment http://www.tigerstudios.net

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If you were able to make a algorithm to find the best way to render the images onto the screen, it could speed up your program a lot.

But otherwise, just upgrade your memory to make it work.

How much do you have now?

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Do you mean something like examine what the user has for a system (video, cpu, memory, system load, etc) and set up specific game settings based on their system...?

That seems like a good start.... but that''s just a small step in the direction I want to head in. I am going to be doing some research on game engine design, and AI programming / design and then once I gather my thoughts on this I will be re looking at my engine design.

As for the memory problems, it''s not lack of memory on my system... I have 512Mbs. I''m trying to allocate a block of memory for setting up a vertex array. The size of this block is mapwidth x mapheight x 4 (each point in quad)

I''m just getting a null pointer in return from the malloc function. I did try the C++ way as well....using new gave me errors too.


Michael Rhodes
Tiger Studios Entertainment

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