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problem using 3dsmax 5 to create x file

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Hi, I''m trying to use 3dmax 5 to create a terrain and export it as .X file for use in my game... (VC++ DX8.1) The problem is that texture is missing when the X file is loaded in to my game. if I use other .X file from the SDK example... they''re loaded alright.. but for the one I created from 3dmax 5, it''s shape is correct but the texture is missing..(the mesh appear white) Anyone knows how to fix the problem... it probably has something to do with 3dsmax rather than the code.. Thanks, all Cheers

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I''m going for the obvious here:
Is the texture in the same directory as the XFile? XFile''s don''t export the path to the texture, only the texture name.

If the answer was, "Duh! How dumb do you think I am!?!?!?" Here''s a few more questions:
Is the file type supported by DirectX?
Did you change the filetype or name after you exported it?

The way I always check to make sure mine are working correctly is by using the DirectX Mesh Utility. Not only can you see if it is working right, but you can weld the vertices, recompute the normals, etc all from that utility. It''s actually quite nice. If you didn''t know about the utility, it''s in the bin directory inside the DirectX folder.

Anyway, that''s what I would look for. Just a few suggestions.


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