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Using DivX as game demo playback?

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Hi, I don't know if any of you guys have tried to use DivX (gone open source as OpenDivX) for playing demos or playing video onto textures. DivX is pretty fast, i also have Bink from Rad Game Tools, but it seems that DivX beats Bink in both speed and quality besides that the divx player interface is become somehow game programmer friendly by decoding movies onto a different set of arbitrary formats and giving you the pointer to access decompressed movie bits. Enter the matrix game has used divx for their video stuff. And here is my problem, the DivX SDK has two major components called Decore and Encode the first is used to decode DivX frames, DivX also has a DirectShow filter , i just don't want to use direct show for my movie playback, but i don't know how two use DivX SDK in non-DirectShow way to just open an AVI, decode to my desired pixel format and show the frames. The SDK does not include enough information on this neither any sample code. Please help me, i'm doing the interface code of a rally game and i must finish the demo playback part ASAP... --MFC (The Matrix Foundation Crew) [edited by - Seyedof on November 10, 2003 3:57:23 PM]

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DivX is very popular and very good.
The big problem is that it requires you to install the codec or at least the directshow playback filter to view the avi''s. I have 5.01 installed because of problems with later versions. I would be VERY pissed off if a game setup.exe installed 5.02 or later silently just because a game uses divx video.

DivX started as a hack of MS MPEG 4.3. That codec was locked, to prevent output to an AVI file, an editable format. Instead it could only be used to output to ASF/WMV files, a format that hackers/video lovers rejected, because it''s a final format that doesn''t allow editing.
MS MPEG 4.3 is present on every PC since windows 95/98, WMV 7,8,9 will download the decompressor automatically when you first view a movie in that format.
So it would be wiser to make MS-MPEG 4.3 video''s in asf format, it plays back without installing a codec, and since editing is irrelevant in a game, it would be the best choice.

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