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DevPartner Profiler

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Hi! I''m using Visual C++ .NET 2002. Since it doesn''t come with a profiler, and I was looking for a good profiler and found this one(DevPartner Profiler Community Edition) mentioned at a few places. I''ve downloaded it, and it seems to work, but I have a problem... when I turn it on, my application slows down from 60 to 1 fps... And in the analysis, it says that 85 percent of the time was spent in WaitMultipleObjectsEx(). Since it only happens when I turn the profiler on, I guess it''s a method the profiler uses. Though it seems very silly for a profiler to take 85% of the time for profiling . Has anyone had any such experiences, does anyone know what to do...? Or can suggest a different profiler(though I''d rather stick with this one if possible ? Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------- It''''s better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven -----------------------------------------------------

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