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Why does WinXP hate DDraw?

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Here''s the deal: I''m using DirectDraw7 to create a windowed application running under WinXP (the app itself is a comprehensive tool for building animated game sprites). I''ve got the primary and back buffer surfaces set up correctly (not a flipping chain, just a DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE and a DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN!) and DirectX reports that the Blt() function is working properly (the actual "error" string is S_OK ''The blit completed successfully.'') I''m calling that blit in the WM_PAINT handler by the way, it''s supposed to draw the sprites onto predefined "slots" on the window. Anyway... Despite the S_OK message, the blit doesn''t show up. There''s no errors, and the window renders fine, but the stuff I''m blitting just doesn''t appear. I checked the clipper, that''s correct as well. Here''s the catch: I was looking through some sample code that renders sprites in a full screen or windowed app (there''s two seperate EXEs for it). Full screen works fine, but in windowed mode the sprites are just pink rectangles on a black background, and their movement is severely jacked as well. Does WinXP have some kind of crazy incompatibility with DDraw7 in windowed mode? I''ve tried everything I can think of to no avail. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. That is all.

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Do you see the same behavior when running the SDK samples in windowed mode?

Have you adjusted the destination rect''s coordinates based on the screen''s coordinate system, rather than that of the client rect of your window?

Are you calling BeginPaint/EndPaint in your WM_PAINT handler?

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