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Should I learn MFC?

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It would probably depend on what you want to program.

As I understand it, MFC is used for rapid development of database and word processor style programs. It has a large libary of premade code that can be used to create programs with much less work than the Win32 API.

However, I think MFC is supposed to be too bloated for video games. I have heard that games should use the Win32 API because you can use only what you need to use. And because its low-level, you have better control over your window classes and such.

(I hope to god thats a somewhat correct response.)

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If you learn the Win32 API, you can do everything MFC can do. In general, MFC has a bit too much overhead for developing large scale games with, but it can make ''game tool'' development (such as map makers, character editors, etc) a bit easier in the long run.

As a general rule, most games are developed using enough of the Win32 API to create a window and handle input. The rest is usually accomplished through other APIs such as OpenGL, FMOD, DirectX, and others.

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Original post by Challenger17
Newbie here.
Should I learn MFC? Or just learn WIN32 API is ok?
Are most games developed using MFC?

Avoid MFC. If you really want to use it, learn Win32 first.
I think you only really need to know how to make a window and then your API (OGL, DX, SDL, etc) of choice will be your interface from there.

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