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[java] I'm just wondering how to increase speed in double buffering.

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I was programming an engine for my mmorpg game:"Sekiya Online", and I was just wondering if there is a way to increase speed in a sprite animation, using double buffering. Does anyone know?

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I''m not quite sure what you mean. Double buffering is used to prevent flickering when you draw to the screen, although I suppose that this does improve execution speed.

Put simply, you draw all of your sprites to an image in memory, then draw that image to the display. This means that the display only has to be updated once, rather than each time you draw a sprite.

Look at this thread

And this thread

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According to Sun''s Java Tutorials (paraphrased):
"If you compare a program that blts directly to the screen with programs that use page flipping and double buffering, the program that blts directly to the screen will run faster. Double buffering does not improve the performance of your program, only its ''perceived performance''."

You see, double buffering and page flipping still cost a little bit more memory and have a little more overhead than blting directly to the screen but these two methods can prevent things like "tearing" and "flickering" in your graphics. So you won''t "increase speed" in a sprite animation by using double buffering. This doesn''t mean that you shouldn''t use double buffering because, as fractionMan says, it will prevent weird things from happening to your display like flickering. That''s the improvement in "perceived" performance that Sun''s tutorials talk about: an improvement in performance according to the eye of the user.

Look at Sun''s Java Tutorials on Full Screen Exclusive mode in Java 1.4 and at the threads that fractionMan linked to.

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Using BufferedImage would probably be a good idea.... but besides that I''m unsure....

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No, what I meant was. Can I make it so, that the frames
display slower? Becuase, when I use double buffering,
the sprite I use doesn't move as fast or as slow as I want
it to, during the animation in run-time. How can I make it
go faster?, if there is a way to. By faster I mean, his legs
are moving faster than him.

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Do all your frame updates and animation based in time instead of frames.

Here are a couple of articles:


Read Chris Hargrove's(of Gas Powered Games) comments in this thread


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