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The 3D Engine of the future!!
The 3Drive! engine is a dream/project to create the ultimate in 3D engines. I have a direction what engines I want to top at this time:

Half-Life 2''s "Source" engine (Valve)

DOOM 3''s DOOM(3??) engine (ID software)

It is what all my games will run on.

Just screwing around in OpenGL/C++, learning and reading books.

Not more than a "header to help" or "EXTREMELY basic core wrapper library".

--> I know it''s good to have some vision and goals, but i am afraid you are aiming a little bit to high there.



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Nope... not here... I already have a BIG load of books and still am going to buy at least two more (not to mention all the great web tutorials if i need them)

Join the forums and discuss!

Proj gets green light...


Span? no.... it says ANNOUNCEMENT. This way I dont have to mail NeHe... Which I will when we are further down the line.

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Yeah, may want to take it one setp at a time.

If you try and make an advanced engine you will compleatly start over at least 10 times as you learn. You wont be jumping into shaders right away. Carmack didnt just jump in and start on the doom 3 engine. Try and be realisitc.

Who gave the project a green light? You did?

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Green light? Yeah that was me.

Starting over: Oh yeah! I know!

Being realistic: If u read my site you can see that I have a max. guess of 5 years (as more and more stuff is getting built-in, leaving me with less work)

And yeah I''m still learning/srewing around, but join and see as I go.

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