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What questions would you ask for a game design website?

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Hello gamers and game makers... I'm taking a rather bold step here, considering that alot of you are established (As well as looking down on the newbies. Not all of you, but I've spotted a few), but I need to know the opinions of others if I expect to grow with what I am doing at the moment. I'm making a game design site. Should be filled with information by january. One of those free ones (Yeah yeah, I know). What I wanted to know from all of you is...what questions would you ask this group? I asked my own questions and I answered them already. However, I may be missing a question here or there that the rest of you guys may have already. Any feedback (Yes, even bad feedback!) would be greatly appreciated, thanks. For Whom is the Game Made? GamingKnight; Empire Arcadia. Founder; Knights of Empire Arcadia. Hail to the Empire. [edited by - GamingKnight on November 11, 2003 6:34:52 AM]

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Are you talking about questions relating to Game Design, that you''d possibly like to poule into a FAQ? If so, then being as I myself have no Game Design experience, I''d probably be the sort of person the site would be aimed at. With that in mind, here''s the questions I have that spring to mind:

- What is Game Design?
- How would I go about designing a game?
- Does Game Design include topics such as writing a storyline, or is that considered part of the development phase?
- How much detail should I go into?
- How technical would designing a game become? For example, would you "design" level file formats in a design document, or leave that for the development phase?

Hopefully, this is what you''re talking about. Wasn''t too clear from the post.


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