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BSP tree

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good evening , i am a student in french , can you excuse me for english ? thanx ! I need help for BSP tree , in fact i want make game programming such as Quake ! my problem is for BSP tree, I don''t know How program that in DELPHI. firstly i don''t know how create a .bsp. can you help me please . do you have lessons of it ? thank you very much see you later Nicolas N.

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I don''t know about Quake .bsp''s, but if you want to learn the theory of BSP trees, there is a BSP tree FAQ you might find helpful:


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Original post by nneerrii
firstly i don''t know how create a .bsp.

You need to use a level editing program like Valve Hammer Editor or Quake3 Radiant. If you have quake 3 installed (who doesn''t?) you can unzip Pak0.pk3 (it''s just a zip file with a different extension) and find bsp files in there.

But if you REALLY want to learn BSP, you should make your own file format (meaning you have to generate the BSP tree yourself). The best way to do this would be making maps in Valve Hammer editor, saving as a .map file, and using this tutorial to turn them into a triangle soup. You would then write your own program to sort the triangles into a BSP tree.

Of course this is TONS of work, especially if you are working by yourself. It is really interesting though, especially when I hadn''t learned that kind of vector math in school yet :-).

My BSP project was eventually abandoned :-(.

Proceeding on a brutal rampage is the obvious choice.

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