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Beggining HLSL question

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I''m currently learning how to program in HLSL from the CgTutorial book. Though the CgTutorial book talks about Cg compiler and using the Cg Toolkit but I want to use my examples via HLSL and DirectX. So I was wondering how do I do it? I have no idea where to start I want to try this program I made out in DX can someone tell me how to do it
struct output
float4 position : POSITION;
float4 color : COLOR;

output myVertexProgram( float4 position : POSITION, uniform float4x4 modelViewProj )
output out;
out.position = mul(modelViewProj, position );
out.color = float4( 0, 255, 0, 255 );
return out;
This simple vertex program just sets the view matrix up and then sets the color of the vertices to green. All fine and dandy and I can even do it in renermonkey but now how do I use my vertex program in d3d? Thanks

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Guest Anonymous Poster
yes i would like to know this too,
also on how to get the right martix from direxct x

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