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Shadow Maps and Multitexture

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This may be a stupid question, but I have a high fever so I''m not really thinking clearly. ...what would be the best way to implement projected shadow maps, if I''m already utilizing multitexturing on my objects, and want to aim for hardware that only has two texture stages? Would I have to brute force it? Anyways, thanks in advance. I''m just trying to wrap my head around a good shadow technique to use, and shadow maps seem to be the most efficient and effective. Best Regards, Julian Spillane

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And multi-texturing is not suported by all the video cards.

What you can do is (what I do):
One poly at time do :
Disable the writing to the depthbuffer
Now you can draw your wall without your shadow map.
Your multi texturing and bla bla bla
enable the write to z-buffer.
Draw again your polygone with your shadow map texture on it with a multiply blending.

Do next poly.

The one thing I dont like in this, is that make a lot of blending and some poor computer will lag a lot.

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