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OpenGL OpenGL + 3DStudio problems

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"Hi! Recently I've been playing around with some OpenGL + 3DStudio Max 5 stuff and some troubles came arround. Can you help me? Files first (zip file format): Game Tutorials Programming Lessons - 3DSLoader My files (include my_house.max, my_house.3DS, plate.bmp and roof.bmp) Problems: 1- Just run the 3DSLoader and see yourselves... it seems to me that only plate.bmp was mapped, and it looks not so good. [edit] Maybe I must use only _one_ texture? 2- I know that this is not exactly an OpenGL question...But I'd like to know, how can an object material be "unloaded" 3DStudio? What is happening with me is the following, once it's applied(the object), I'm unable to restore the original flat color of the object. Something like this: It's like I'm designing a house, then playing with some construction materials, somehow I notice I don't like any of them, and then, when I try to return with the old flat color, I'm not able to do this without assigning a new material with the desired Diffuse color. 3- Another silly question: Did you already have any problems with differences between 3DStudio and Photoshop RGB colors? It seems that on the final rendered image, the texture with the same color as the object's diffuse appears to be darker. [edit] I've just checked "Faceted" in Material Editor (bottom of the window) and everything seems fine now. Thanks! [edited by - MajinMusashi on November 11, 2003 10:51:44 PM] [edited by - MajinMusashi on November 12, 2003 6:31:59 AM]

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