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complex pow() and log() etc..

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Does somebody know any good and fast algorhitm for function complex pow(complex a, [ complex/double ] b) (or how to JUST COMPUTE power of a complex number) ... ln(.. ... log(... ..sqrt.....etc.etc.etc... thank you exa_einstein

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OK, two problems:
1) I don''t have < complex >
2) I want source of that function

maybe I should find somebody who will post link for some complex stuff (I''ve googled and haven''t find anything)

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You can derive it if you know Euler's formula:

e^(i*theta)=cos theta + i*sin theta

To derive:


You need to check this I am not sure it is correct.
I defined Im(x) in two different ways because sometimes one is undefined or not the one you want (ln is multivalued in the compex plain).

Arbitrary power
Which can be done using above definitions and complex multiplicaiton.

EDIT: Here are some tips on how to do others youi mentioned:
Square root
Same as arbitrary power with y=0.5

Logarithm Base-a

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