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OpenGL Game Programming book -- source code problem related to DirectX

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There is some code in OpenGL Game Programming that won''t compile on any of the machines we have in our labs or offices here: Chapters 20 and 21. (16, also, but its problems are subsumed by those of 21.) The major remaining problems: a message that _IID_IDirectInput8A is not found (link error). The library dxguid.lib is being linked. What''s below is a log of what I have done to repair the problem. If anybody knows what to do, or a site with a bug fix -- much appreciated. (My log of error fixes follows) Compiling Chapter 20''s SimpEmgine under Visual 6.0: Result: simpengine.h not found Patch: included simpengine.h from Chapter 21 Result: error: ''SetScreen'' : is not a member of ''CWorld'' Patch: commented out " gameWorld->SetScreen(w,h);" in simpengine.h; MAY NOT BE SAFE Result: same errors as in Chapter 21 under Visual 6.0, below. (Cont''d below.) Compiling Chapter 21''s game under Visual 6.0: Result: unresolved symbols -- __GUID_DirectMusicAllTypes _CLSID_DirectMusicPerformance _IID_IDirectMusicPerformance8 _CLSID_DirectMusicLoader _IID_IDirectMusicLoader8 _CLSID_DirectMusicSegment _IID_IDirectMusicSegment8 _IID_IDirectInput8A Patch: put #include <initguid.h> immediately after #include <dmusicc.h> in audiosystem.cpp Result: only thing unresolved now is __IID_IDirectInput8A Compiling Chapter 20''s SimpEngine under .NET: simpengine.h not found c:\Documents and Settings\BRIGGS_W\Desktop\Copy of ch20\SimpEngine\terrain.cpp(255): error C2666: ''pow'' : 7 overloads have similar conversions The line is: float dh = (float)rectSize/2,r = (float)pow(2,-1*rough); Compiling Chapter 21''s game under .NET: c:\Documents and Settings\BRIGGS_W\Desktop\ch21\ch21\game\Particles.h(14): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ''iostream.h'': No such file or directory

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