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Rendering Polys

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How many polygons can opengl handle without bogging down? I mean, how come some of the demos on this website give me only 20 frames per second, but when I play unreal tournament, I get an average of 50? Doesnt unreal have a lot more to do?

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Well it''s real dependent on system performance, so gettting a blanket performance for OpenGL is just impossible.

However, I am no Tim Sweeney or John Carmack, but it''d be my guess that through advanced memory management, pipeline understanding and use of display lists, vertex arrays and possibly selective use of their own rotation and translation matrices is a good start for increasing speed.

You have to understand, the tutorials on here are meant merely, for the time being, as a starting point for OpenGL.. They are the crudest ( that''s not a slam ) implementation and aren''t meant to reflect advanced rendering techniques when back-face culling, hidden surface removal and all those other buzz-word phrases are implemented..

There''s a lot that goes into making Unreal or Quake ]I[ the speed demons that they are.. In fact, one could say that''s one of they''re greatest features.. The AMOUNT of features in the NUMBER of FRAMES per SECOND..

all this IMHO,


leader of the free world .. or something ..

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Games like Quake 3 and Unreal use BSP Trees. which means it only draws the part of the level you can interact with within a certain point.
Ie. only the rooms your in and around you that you can see through glass, etc are drawn... to do this all they do is sort the levels polygons into a data file. they dont actually do it at runtime I believe.. For the longest time I thought you had to sort the polygons at runtime, lol


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