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GameDev: Arena Tournament - Finals

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Congratulations to Dustbot, the winner of the GameDev: Arena Beta contest! Dustbot won the first 3 matches of the best-of-5 final round to take the crown. Your final standings: Champion: Dustbot 2nd: Tailspin 3rd: Nosfera 4th: Mushu 5th: LiquidIntell 6th: HuBot 7th: Hexagon Thank you, everyone, for participating in this contest. Please give your feedback in the Survey thread, and also remember to let me know via email by Sunday if you DO NOT want your source code made publicly available for download. Here''s the final bracket:
Summary: Match 1 Dustbot 20, Tailspin 0 2:08 remaining in the match Match 2 Dustbot 100, Tailslide 0 2:24 remaining in the match Match 3 Dustbot 27, Tailslide 0 2:35 remaining in the match Comments: Execptations were for a set of tight matches that went all five games, but Dustbot had other plans against Tailslide, including a perfect second match. He was simply "GODLIKE".
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wow! i wasn't expecting that...on my own runs against tailslide, tailslide won 14 out of 20 matches. i was expecting something much much closer than that.

i think hexagon getting last was a real upset. i was expecting hex to be in the finals.

so...what'd i win?! haha, i know i know, no prizes. anyhow, perhaps when the full GDArena contest is unveiled, the results of the beta can be included? just to see my name in print?? =]

now to finish work on the bot that i was *trying* to have ready for the beta.

that's why my midterm submission was so buggy (sorry about that guys), i had to switch gears at the last minute and take out my bot's mapping and navigation system and replace it with a set of reactive behaviors. I had the mapping and nav system working, i just hadn't built a set of combat logic on top of it yet...DustBot could find his way around fine...just couldn't do anything with it. In the process of swapping things out i ended up introducing a couple of bugs (hence crashing whenever he saw more than 10 objects at once).

see you all in the real GDArena contest i hope!

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OMG, i completely forgot that this was only a beta contest! When''s the real thing start?!

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