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I''ve got a couple questions about asm. First, what books do you recomend (other than that one by Dunteman -- I''ve been told it''s pretty good so I''m probably going to get it, but I want to hear what other books are good too). Also, are there any good sites with at least basic asm stuff (to be used more as an intro than anything else)? Second: just out of curiosity, how many of you regularly use asm routines in your games/engines? If you use it at all, what kind of things do you normally use it for? Any of you ever made a game completely in asm? If you code it, they will come... Commander M

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That''s a great free on-line book! It focuses on MASM, but the theory applies to TASM too, and is basically the same. There are a few macros that TASM doesn''t have but what the hell! He tries to make it as simple as possible for the transition between the two.
The Art of Assembly Language

Another book that you have to buy, and in my opinion is prety good is Mastering Turbo Assembler

There''s another that I would recommend and it is Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language.

The second book teaches you some 32-bit (Windows) programming using objects and so on, whereas the other two are DOS based, but still teach you the concepts very well. All of them are great books.

Hope this helps!


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well damn it... I just wiped my HD and reinstalled... when I was makeing the backups I forgot to back my bookmarks... I did have 20 or so good links for assembly... gurrr....
but heres one I remember...
damn good site.... its a little more on the advanced side... but good none the less... they have a ton of info on assembly... they even have stuff strait from Intel...
get the
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Vol 1,2,&3
they tell you almost everything about Intel prossesers...
its under the Prosseser Manuals...

I use alot of assembly in my code.... all over...never had done a game in pure asm, but sounds like some fun =)

Great Milenko

Words Of Wisdom:
"Never Stick A Pretzel In Your Butt It Might Break Off In There."

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If you get really into it (assembler), you might want to pick up a copy of the actual reference guide from Intel. Actually, you can grab them in PDF format right from the web site.

For example, the Pentium II Instruction Set Guide is available here:

That''s part 2 of a 3 book series. Part 1 is ''Basic Architecture'' and part 3 is the ''System Programming Guide''.

Hope that helps!

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Ok, thanks for the input

I''ll take a look at some of these things when I have more time this evening.

By the way... what''s the "M" in MASM stand for? I know what TASM is and NASM, but I don''t think i''ve heard of MASM.

If you code it, they will come...

Commander M
(a.k.a. Crazy Yank)

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Actually, I thought the front M in MASM was for Macro?
I could be wrong, however.

If you want a load of asm relating to game development, you might check out Mike Abrash''s Black Book of Graphics programming - probably not yet mind, because it''s damn advanced, but it''s well worth a look. It even contains a CD version of the Zen Of Assembly!


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