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Engine for walkthrus

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I am researching different engines for some commercial 3D visualization apps I am developing. Some of the game engines seem intriguing, so I thought I'd ask some of you up here which engine might fit my application. I need something that can handle somewhat detailed architectural walkthrus. There need to be lots of small, though fairly lo-res, objects throughout the environment. Many of these objects will be duplicated hundreds of times throughout, so I hope to find something that can 'instance' these objects well without slowing things down too much. 3D Studio Max would be the prefferred modeling environment. The scripting language needs to be something fairly easy to grasp, though we are not non-programmers. We will be changing environments often, so we are hoping that some environment configurations can happen via the scripting language. The scripting also needs to be able to track and record user movements. The engine also needs to be fairly effective on P3 machines with stock 3D cards. Rendering quality needs to be as high as possible. Any information about which game engines or other 3d engines might fit my needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks rad3d [edited by - rad3d on November 12, 2003 12:00:35 AM]

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Hi rad3d,

If you''re new to coding and engines I''d recommend 3d GameStudio. There is a free evaulation copy and you can load a new level within minutes. In addition there are exporters from max to gamestudio.

It uses a simple yet powerful scripting language as well.

Today, is a good day to code.

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