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data structures and STL stuff

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I''m taking a Java course at college, and we are starting to learn about vectors, lists, maps, trees, and all those special data structures. However, I''m more of a C++ programmer, so I was wondering what a good book was for learning the C++ versions of these. I have Accelerated C++, and it does a good job on vectors, and a decent job on lists and maps, but it leaves off there. I am also interested in learning the mechanics behind each of the data structures. For example, (at least in Java) the nodes of a list are stored in random spots in memory, not in one contiguous region, which is why searching lists is slow, but inserting/deleting elements is fast (and vice versa for vectors). I just learned this today in class, so yeah, I was pretty excited (pathetic, I know). These are the kinds of things I''m looking for. Descriptions, explanations, examples, the whole works. Anyway, good book suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Do you want dead tree or online information?


The articles and resources section here on gamedev has a few articles on the basics of data structures.

SGI''s STL page provides a good reference on how to use the STL containers.

dead tree:

"The C++ Standard Library" by Nicolai M. Josuttis is a good reference. (Beware some of the sample code: it''s not exactly production quality)

"Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest explains what the data structures are, why they work and when to use them.

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