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Frustration with a simple comparison

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Hey, I''m doing the following comparison: double u = 4; double U[11]; U[9] = 4.0; U[10] = 4.0; if (u >= U[9] && u <= U[10]) { //do something } And it fails! Looking through the debugger, I know the following: u = 4.0000000000000 U[9] = 4.0000000000000 U[10] = 4.0000000000000 u >= U[9] returns "1" u <= U[10] returns "0" Therefore, (u >= U[9] && u <= U[10]) returns 0. So, u <= U[10] appears to be my problem.... I''m guessing it has something to do with double comparison/mathematics. How do I fix my problem? 4 is obviously less than or equal to 4! Thanks, Pete PS: I''m using MS Visual C++ 6.0 on a pentium-4 running WinXP.

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Well, I found a fix from the article linked above; thanks miserable--it was an educational experience I shall hope not to forget. (Floating point error drives me nuts! Especially since the MSVC++ watch window rounds my doubles!)

double EPSILON = 0.0000001;
if (u > U[9]-EPSILON && u < U[10]+EPSILON )
//do stuff



PS: that's weird that the comparison worked for both of you... damn the computing gods from afar!

[edited by - pschmitt on November 13, 2003 1:21:41 AM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Floating points can represent some numbers exactly, such as 4.0. So the comparison here *should* work, like it did for others who tested it. But if you have some calculation whose result will be 4.0, it''s likely that you''ll get some inaccuracy so that the result will not be exactly 4.0.

(unless you do something like {a=2.0; a*=2.0;} or {a=5.5; a-=1.5}, i.e. manipulate only numbers that have full accuracy)

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