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problems with rotation

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im using vb and opengl to draw a terrain from a DEM file. i have (i think) the viewport and the view volume set right.i can move into the view volume using glulookat, and i can rotate using the glulookat statement, but i dont know what happens when i use the glrotate function. i just turns into a single line.can somebody help me, herez a part of the code : " display routine " wglMakeCurrent mlngPic1hDC,mlngWindowcontext glEnable (GL_DEPTH_TEST) glClearColor 0, 0, 0, 1 glClear clrColorBufferBit glClear clrDepthBufferBit glMatrixMode GL_MODELVIEW glLoadIdentity gluLookAt 0, 0, dblzcam, 0, 0, -(dblZMax - dblZMin) / 2, 0, 1, 0 glRotatef intRotate, 0, 1, 0 glTranslated -dblActualXMin + dblXMin, -dblActualYMin + dblYMin, dblZMin + (dblZMax - dblZMin) / 2 glPushMatrix glEnable glcLighting glEnable glcLight0 glEnable glcColorMaterial glColorMaterial faceFrontAndBack, cmmAmbientAndDiffuse glLineWidth 10 glColor3f 1, 0, 0 glBegin bmLines glVertex3d dblActualXMin, dblActualYMin, -dblZMin - 10 glVertex3f dblActualXMin, dblActualYMax, -dblZMin - 10 glEnd glColor3f 0, 1, 0 glBegin bmLines glVertex3f dblActualXMin, dblActualYMin, -dblZMax - 10 glVertex3f dblActualXMin, dblActualYMin, -dblZMin - 10 glEnd glcalllist 100 glPopMatrix glDisable (GL_DEPTH_TEST) glFinish SwapBuffers mlngPic1hDC blnBusy = False wglMakeCurrent mlngPic1hDC, 0 "viewvolume routine" intRotate = 0 glMatrixMode GL_PROJECTION glLoadIdentity dblzcam = 0 glFrustum dblXMin, dblXMax, dblYMin, dblYMax, 1, temp glMatrixMode GL_MODELVIEW glLoadIdentity glShadeModel smSmooth glEnable glcDepthTest glEnable (glcBlend) i dont think u have to worry bout the values of dblxmin..... what im doin is im settin a viewvolume n im drawin the axes in the viewvolume, n im tryin to rotate it. thank u

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