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3D Reconstruction using three vanishing points from a single image

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Hi guys.. this message is for maths gurus... I read hundreds documents on the net about : how from an image, retrive 3d information about camera matrix and objects size... 1/2 of the c++ code is done (I can compute all 3 vanishing points realtime from a camera image) I tried an algorithm to compute the angle / position of the camera from 3 vanishings points. but verry bad. this algorithm look very practical and powerfull: http://www.kmutt.ac.th/itc2002/CD/pdf/18_07_45/TP1_OC/2.pdf But I need some maths principes to understant it. I read some documentation on Homogeneous coodinates and catch the principe to convert a 3d point to homogeneous point: x = x/w and y = y/w. more w is near zero, more the 3d point is near zero, but always on the line. So... I need help to understand the principe of his algorithm. Or maybe its possible to use planes, vector, crossProducts, DotProduct, Line-plane intersecrtion and these old good geometry things. tanks. Fantasio

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