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Not another framerate post!

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Yes, another framerate post. The classic "How do I keep things running at the same speed?" But, most answers to this question are for objects moving at constant speed. My problem is for object movement based on acceleration. If I just divide the movement factor by the framerate, it goes off. I tried dividing by the framerate^2, which appears to give me the right movement--the guy appears to jump the same height in any framerate--but he actually jumps faster and falls faster. If anyone can help me get this math right, I''d appreciate it.

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let physics be your friend:

standard kinematics of motion equations

s(t) = 1/2 * a * t^2 + v0 * t + s0
v(t) = a * t + v0

s(t) = position now
v(t) = velocity now
s0 = last position
a = acceleration
v0 = last velocity
t = time

every time you call your update function pass in the amount of time in seconds that has elapsed since the last frame was calculated. that time is t in those equations. don't bother calculating the second equation if your objects don't accelerate


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Thanks for the speedy reply!

So, the first equation gives you the object''s new position, and the second equation gives you the velocity to use in the next frame?

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Sound like you may have already seen this site; but in case you haven''t; here is the link:


Understanding is a three edged sword...

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