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What should I do? (I am a Newb)

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Hello, Yes, I am a newb but I was just wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction... I have been programming in C & (some) C++ for awhile now. I guess Im still at the bridge between beginning and intermidiate skills because I havent learned Object Oriented Programming. I want to get into Direct X/C++ programming and I have bought several books. However, I always get stuck/ confused with Windows and Object Oriented Programming. Are there any (good) books or resources available that offer Windows programming and is geared at newbs? Also, are there any additional books that ease the transition from just learning Windows programming and using the Direct X API? thx, TheAbomb12 "...And then he slipped into the netherworld, the world of dreams...and with his final breath, the last Protector laid down to sleep...He slept. He dreamed. And the rest of eternity he will slumber..."

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To learn windows programming with WIN32 API, I strongly recommend this wonderful book: [Programming Windows 5th edition by Charles Petzold] . It is written for beginners just like you described.

Another book [Introduction to 3D GAME programming with DirectX 9.0] is also a very good book to get you into DX programming. Even if you havn't learned windows programming, this book still fits you. It has a chapter of some fundamental windows programming content for those haven't these experience. But before you get started, you had better learn C++ first(especially the Object-Oriented Programming).

forgive my poor English

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