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Spoted moments in songs

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Hey!!! I am trying to make a sample program to make stuff happen during a song. I mean, a specific thing to do during a specific spot in a specific song, not just at the beginning and end of a song. i was wondering, is it easier to make a new format, or easy to just write the specific points in the engine? See, in my game, i wanted to add something called a "musical interlude" and something called a "musical flourish", they are combos, if they are timed specificaly in a point in a song, will add ether a burst of Ki power or points. I will be glad to have some assistance on this. peace! ^-^ Live in my world, Play in yours!!!

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It all depends really on the system you are using to play back your audio.

Most APIs should have a system to get the current position in a buffer''s playback.

If you are managing a DirectSound looping buffer yourself, obviously you need to accumulate the position of playback as the buffer loops over itself, but that''s pretty trivial.

Have a system that gets the current position of the buffer every game update loop.

If the position is between positionA and positionB, maybe defined in a text file you load, then you know that it is a ''powerup'' section. When in a powerup section, test if the user has pressed the ''burst'' button, or what have you.

You may need to take into account a little bit of ''slop'', making positionA and positionB a little bit wider, because there will be some latency between the reading of the buffer position and the actual position when you go to render the effect, but it should work.

A better way might be to write a buffer manager that knows about all these ''sync points'', and calls your callback every time a sync point is hit, making a pretty clean interface for handling all of this.

I''ve implemented this before and it works pretty well. We used it for timing camera cuts to music.

DirectSound has an event system that you can use for setting play notifications, but it only works within a buffer, not the entire song length, so be careful not to get confused by that. If you set it at a position and your looping buffer hits that, it will hit it every time the buffer rolls over. Might be best to do it by polling the position, as I said above.

Best of luck.

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moved to game programming. Now I find out!!! well, anyway, the primary OS is windows, and i''m using the open audio library, that way, i can find a way to use collision detection to trigger a musical interlude/flourish. and I''m mainly focusing on midi''s, but i''m also trying some mp3''s, a tough task, but i am. i''m also trying a new format to ease my pain. any more suggestions?

Live in my world, Play in yours!!!

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