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Hey all, I have a question about DirectX and VB

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Hey all My question is whether or not I can load DirectX 3D animation which was created by a 3D program (3D Canvas) to my VB project. Notice that I mean animation and not just a 3D model from that program. Thanks in advance for you help

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My guess is, that your format would contain 3d meshes: lots of them, for keyframed animation. right ?

I guess you need vertex positions arranged in some sort of lists, so you could pass it on to the DrawPrimitiveUp procedure.

You might want to use a custom FVF vertex format, so you could store texturecoordinates and normals also.

Not too complicated really.

If you want to learn more about using DirectX from VB,
try this site:

It has tons of tutorials just for VB.

You might also check out my site, to see how a completed 3d engine in VB should look like (of course it still need a lot of work, but it''s a start)

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