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NEWB of all Newb Blender question...and an opengl question

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ok, I am sorry I had to even post for this, but I could not find out how to do it on the tutorials or anything. I am using the latest blender (2.30 I think it is) and everytime I click file -> new -> erase all, it gives me a cube to start off with. I do not want this cube there. All the tutorials start fresh with nothing there. But I get a cube, and I cant find out how to get rid of it so I start of with nothing. How would I got about doing this? Question 2: Anyone happen to have a good openGL tutorial for Linux? I tried some for mac and the closest I could to linux because I could not find one for linux, but those did not help me much assuming they did not work. Sorry, one more question came up: To make a game, do I need to know: OpenGL, C++, and SDL? I am just trying to make something right now, actually anything from a moving ball to a window in linux. I know some basic C++ and can make text games, so I am not sure. I don't know any open gl yet, nor sdl. So would it be possible to put anything together at all with basic C++ and some graphics and a window? All I want to make right now is a window with some moving objects to get me started on how this all works and stuff. Thank you. [edited by - HTML on November 16, 2003 8:59:28 PM]

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For the blender thing. When you erase all and the cube comes up, that's your user default for a new blender file. What you need to do is right click the cube and press X. A message should pop up saying "erase?" so click on it. Then press ctrl + u. A new message should pop up saying "save user defaults?" so click on it. Now every time you create a new .blend file, al you'll have is the camera (and maybe a light) in your scene.

As for linux, I thought there was a tutorial for opening a window on NeHe's sight (maybe using glut). Once you have the window working with OGL, it shouldn't be too hard to convert any of his other tuts to work with linux.

Just realized that there isn't a tut specifically for linux, but there is a linux version of the 1st tut for windows. Maybe that will be of some help.

[edited by - Halibut on November 16, 2003 12:34:12 AM]

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