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Computer Graphics Books (not necessarily real-time)

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Hi, I want to get a book or 2 on computer graphics, but I''m looking for books which cover all of computer graphics, ie. not just real time. What I''m looking for is to be able to learn what I would need to know to write something such as a raytracer. I''ve got a copy of Real Time Rendering 2nd ed. and I just wanted to know what other people might suggest. Level of math in the book doesn''t really matter(although an idea of the level would be appreciated if known). Thanks Etran

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a book which covers most topics on computer graphics in general, even in realtime is "Computer graphics practices and principles in C" (or something like this, dont know the exact title right now), it's written by Fooley and others. This book inlcudes tons of sources.

A good book for math is "Mathematics for 3D & game programming", written by Eric Lengyel (edit:was a typo). A very good book, as i have heard on several boards. I ordered it 6 days ago, too. (There is also a vote about this book in the book-section of gdnet)

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