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Game Engine design

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I believe this question is more appropriate here than in the Game Design forums. My question is about the software development rather than the game rules, etc. I have tried using Google to find an answer, but my quest so far has not been fruitful. In any case, does anyone know where I can find information about the design of the game engine software? I have gotten stuck in my design since I am not sure how a game engine should look like. I intend to find the source to the Quake source and such, but I don''t know if I can learn as much as I might if there was some kind of document to explain it. Also, OpenGL Game Programming has an example Game Engine called SimpEngine. I am rereading the book (as I last looked at it a year ago) and think I can follow it. Does the SimpEngine seem appropriate, at least as a starting point? Any suggestions would be helpful. Again, I tried looking up information on my own, but I kept getting links to Eberly''s text on 3D Game Engine Design, another text I own. I don''t remember getting a lot out of it for actually designing a 3D game engine though.

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LOL Oh yeah. And there''s a poll on it too. B-)

I should probably read up on it, but maybe a nagging question in my head is "How related is a 3D engine to a game engine?"

I thought they were different. I mean, obviously you can have a game engine without a 3D component, but I find it hard to put together components like Input, sound, graphics, and physics under one main engine. At least, I don''t have experience with doing so.

I will check out the enginuity articles a bit more closely. Thanks again.

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