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Program crashes in release, not in debug...

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I have a project I''m working on, and at the moment it works fine in debug mode. This is using MSVC5 if that matters, on Win98. There aren''t any apparent issues. When I build a release version however it crashes. In the past this has been because of memory things that have been covered up by being in debug mode but here I''m at a loss. I had to do some detective work even though I rebuilt it with debug and program database information, because it was crashing somewhere outside of the program and I finally came to the line that causes it. fread(&hdr, sizeof(tgaheader), 1, fp); hdr is a tga header structure, declared in the function as such tgaheader hdr; fp is the file pointer and is checked for validity prior to this. If I comment that line out, the program does not crash. If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to offer any suggestions. Thanks

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