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Problems to create a GL window with SDL and Dev c++

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I made download of sdl 1.24, unpacked it in the folder : .....\SDL1.24\, placed the SDL.dll in System32 directory. After this I copied the libSDL.a,, libSDLmain.a and the sdl.dll in ...\dev-cpp\libs\libs, followed by placing the readers in ...\dev-cpp\include\SDL ( I created the SDL folder in \include\sdl). Next, I followed this shortcut inside Dev: tools->compiler options-> directories-> libraries and add the sdl libs with: ...\SDL 1.24\lib. In the end I made the same in the C++Includes tab, putting there the sdl headers with: ...\sdl 1.24\include. With the port of the lesson 1 unpacked, I pressed the main file and Dev opens it, but when I give the order, nothing happens. What can be? Missing headers, libs, no link to these files, missing source code or a combination of several of these possibilities? I don''t have any real idea, I am very new to all this stuff. One more thing: When I try to compile the lesson 1 without the port, the process is interrupted because it cannot find the glaux.h file. In this case, I think that I have to place glaux.h together with gl, glext and glu in the GL folder inside .........\dev-cpp\include\gl. I am right? If I am, where I can find glaux.h? Thanks for the help and for the patience

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Check this site out it will help to compile the applications:

Also, glaux doesn''t work because Dev-c++ doesn''t come with a needed DLL for windows. Since you are using SDL you don''t need glaux anyway. Some of NeHe tutorials have Linux/SDL versions of the code that can be useful to figure out what/how to change some of the code from Win32 to SDL.

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