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D3DXMatrixLookAtLH - I Will go nuts!

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Hi! I having som serius problems D3DMatrixLookAtLH... I just can''t set the view correctly, i have been trying to get the view correctly for 12 hours. All i want is to get the "map" in the center (rotated 45 degrees), and the view should be top-down...
mvarCameraLocation = MakeVec3(40, 40, 0)
mvarAngle = 45
mvarDistance = 4
mvarCameraTo.X = mvarCameraLocation.X - ((UnitCircle(mvarAngle).X) * mvarDistance)
mvarCameraTo.Y = mvarCameraLocation.Y - ((UnitCircle(mvarAngle).Y) * mvarDistance)

And i draw Y=Y, X=X and not Y=Z.

Does anyone have a clue?   

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