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Need people to play around with a game.

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Hi all, This is directed towards individuals who currently own MIDP enabled cell phones, and are able to download applications over the internet on to their phone. I''m in the process of developing a set of games for MIDP1.0. My problem is that I''m not sure what people will actually play. What I think is ''neat'', the rest of the world may not. This is not a beta test, as I''m not interested in bugs, but rather would like to determine how responsive cell-phone gamers are to a variety of game styles. If you answer yes to the following questions, and are intersted in playing around with a few programs over the next two months, please email at the address listed at the bottom of this post. 1. You currently own a MIDP enabled cell phone. 2. You can connect to the internet (WAP) with your phone. 3. You have played at least 2 commerical games on your cell phone. 4. You are willing to fill out a couple of questionaires. 5. You understand that you will not be paid, or compensated in any way, for your time and effort. As a service to those who participate, I''ll provide you with a summary of my findings. My email address is (without the 6666) Thanks for your time, Will

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