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OpenGL Demo

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Hi! I''m wondering, how to make opengl demo self moving and loading? What should be framework to make a demo self moving without any user interaction? How can i load and play effect one after another? is there any easy way? please help me if you can

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for simple stuff, GLUT takes care or the boring stuff, like windows and inputs. For a slideshow, write your own simple state machine and cycle though the effects.

Initialise the glut sub-system (glutInit()), setup a timer callback for updating the state machine and effects, the display function callback, setup your camera (gluLookAt()) in the display function, render the current effect, and there you go.

Have a look at my simple rigid body demo, or the carmack''s stencil shadow demo for using glut. It''s dead simple.

you can download the toolkit from pretty much anywhere on the web. Google for it, it''s only a couple of files.

- Oli.


rigid body demo

Simple Z-fail Stencil shadows demo

Sphere/cube/Triangle Collision And Physics demo

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