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DirectX Debug

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My DX engine is compiled as a DLL and can only be executed through Java. (Don''t ask.) Is there still any way for me to get any DirectX debug information? Right now, I don''t get any gain from running the deubg or retail .lib''s but I''m no expert in deubbing DirectX applications. Is there a way to get a log of errors somewhere? Currently all I can do is output the HRESULT returns to my own log file. Thanks

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1. Make sure you''ve got the debug runtimes installed and selected in the control panel and the output level sliders are set nice and high.

2. Run DBMON.EXE in the Utilities folder of the SDK or download and run the more fully featured DebugView for free from

3. Run your program. Either of the above utilities will capture all DirectX errors and warnings in the same way the MSVC debugger would.

[As it happens I''ve just started writing a tutorial on effective use of the debug DirectX runtimes (I''ve grown tired of reminding people its there - so I''ll do it once properly then point any further ones to the URL ) - alternative debug output viewers is one of the topics]

Simon O''Connor
3D Game Programmer &
Microsoft DirectX MVP

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