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I need the Help of an Audio Artist

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Hi I’m working on a game and I’m in need of sound effects. The game is all done. Everything, Interface, High-score table, Save game , Graphics and even the sound code. But I need decent sound SFX and I can’t find any on the Web and I don’t have the talent to make them. The format of the sounds is the main problem as wav cant be used as its not supported by the platforms that the games will be played on. What I need are : mid (they work on all platforms) mmf (better quality than mid and work on some platforms, also .wav in 8khz or 4khz sampling frequency 16bit sampling bit number and channel number 1(mono) can be converted to mmf so wavs can be used if they are done right) So if you would like to get in involved in a game that is almost done and you should be able to see the ends results at the ends of the week please don’t hesitate to leave a message or e-mail me. b_doyle1@yahoo.com thanks Burt.

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Original post by Blechx
Sound effects in .mid?

If you have the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth driver on your computer, set it as your midi playback device, and then make a new midi file in a notation program, and set on of the tracks to channel 10. Then change the patch to #56 and just play around with random notes.

Otherwise, soundeffects with midi would just be little ditties you make different instruments play, and it is also possible to overlap those sounds along with a midi that is already playing, given the programmer knows what he is doing.

My Music((a small portion anyways))

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