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Torn Space

Maximum texture size?

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I''m wondering about this whole 256x256 max texture size thing... I thought I had a really skanky old video card, but the Caps say it''s able to do 2048x2048! So my question is this... just how many people out there still have this limitation of 256x256 max size?

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not too many...
even the original geForce gts supported 2048 I beleive, or was it 1024??
But I wouldn''t worry about having textures too small unless you are specifically targeting your game at old systems.

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As far as I recall, the Voodoo had the 256x256 limitation.
However, supporting the Voodoo isn''t as simple as scaling down your textures, there are a lot of other limitations and driver bugs. You might want to consider whether it''s worth it.

Looking at this survery by valve, there aren''t a lot of voodoo users, anyway (2.7% use voodoo3)

That said, it won''t hurt you to expose a "Scale all textures" option, which would just scale down everything to 256x256 as it''s being loaded - might help with cards other than the voodoo that have the same limitation (an S3 virge, maybe? )

Muhammad Haggag

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