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Collision System Running in Dx9

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I am just looking for someone to share ideas in finishing this collision detection stuff. I am pretty far but I keep running into trouble. I am using Dx9 with Opcode, but all that really doesn''t matter. My code is pretty much portable to anything (plus a few changes). Basically I just need 2 eyes on this and in turn we both end up getting a nice little collision system (even if you don''t do much, I would share the entire collision code). I am working on just a Sphere-Triangle collision system which runs off of OPCODE (in is a pretty fast AABB tree system - you can find it through google). So far I have it "kinda" working. It just acts really strange since the math itself isn''t too complex, so it makes me more and more frustrated. But after you look at something too long you just need another perspective. This is just gonna be the basic FPS collision, with the recursive sliding and shooting decal stuff. I can also help you with other things if you''d like (skeletal meshes, partical effects, etc.). Ciao

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What kind of "strange" responses do you get, exactly?
I''d be interested to watch a demo or something, and share some ideas (if any spring to mind). Don''t expect something fancy, though. I''m kind of good at dynamics and physics, but I''ve not done them numerically - yet.

Oh, and this should''ve gone into the "Math and Physics" forum because it''s not DX9 specific, unless I''m missing something (What I understand is that the source of trouble is the math part, not the DX9 part)

Muhammad Haggag

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The strange collisions are that sometimes the sphere will get stuck against a plane, eventhough I just pulled it far enough away it shouldn''t collide. Also I put this in Dx9 because I use alot of dx9 helper functions it kinda borderlined both. Also I would like to have it using as many dx9 structures as possible.

But really the collisions are too strange to explain you would just have to see. Would you like to do this through email or just the forum... email might be a bit easier.


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