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ok...I tried my best to start with a c++ mmorpg ( like everyone else) and I learned my lesson.... NOT QUITE! I decided to change the method of approach I was taking, to something more easy, yet sutile. I am talking about Java. I don''t know if you guys have started to see this, but there''s a rapid change in the pattern of what''s in vogue nowdays, web RPGs are taking over!( at least in the eastern side of the world...rather a new bussiness ) how convenient for the upcoming newbies on the area. Java is so amazingly easy ( even I can understand...and I am an art person, not a programmer...) so, I am not only here to tell this thing I have picked up recently, but to (as always) get some help. If any of you have a few words of advice, or good tutorial links, very welcome you are! I am trying to make a 2D, sort of platform "game" where the only thing you can do is to walk, see some nice background, and express by means of smilies, also with some interaction like changing clothes and an added chat down the display window. everything is meant to be embbeded in a web page. is like graphic chat.... so bye, and reply soon!

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